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 Vanilla in 2 Minutes
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A page is called a snip in Vanilla. Snips and links between snips are at the very core of Vanilla. Snips have a title and content. You can use a special Vanilla markup in snip content. To edit an existing snip, just click the edit link in the top right corner, to create a new one, see the instructions below.

Vanilla Markup

Surrounding text with double underscores (__example__) will render the enclosed text bold: example.
Using asterisks (the * symbol) you can easily create links to other snips. If you for example write *sandbox*, this will be displayed as a link to the sandbox snip: sandbox.

If you link to a snip which does not yet exist, Vanilla will display a link which will allow you to create that snip. Such a link would look like the following: [create example snip] (this is a fake link for demonstration purposes).

Creating New Snips

There are multiple methods to create a new snip, the easiest one would be to add a link in an existing snip to the new one (using the *asterisks* method just mentioned) and click the resulting link to create the snip.

Another way would be to type the snip title into the search box and click the create link on the result page ("no exact matches. maybe you'd like to [create example]").

Creating a New Weblog Entry

To create a new entry in the weblog, simply create a snip following the naming convention YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2005-02-18).

You can play around with the stuff mentioned above in the sandbox, or simply fetch a copy of Vanilla yourself (see download), install it (see documentation for installation guides) and go mad playing around with your very own Vanilla!
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