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Vanilla is a simple, extensible hypertext system and framework for developing small-scale web applications written in REBOL. This humble website is the official home of Vanilla.


Conceptually rooted in the conceptual mish-mash marrying utmost simplicity and stunning effectivity spawned by Ward Cunningham's original Wiki, Vanilla from the beginning provided Weblogging functionality (through the aptly named du-jour extension, or dynasnip, as such things are called in Vanillalingo). This particular breed of software, the Wiki/Weblog cross-over, is nowadays commonly referred to as Bliki - and as far as we know Vanilla was the very first.

The original Vanilla version has been created by Christian Langreiter in 1999. Since then it has been cooperatively developed by the aforementioned, Andreas Bolka and a merry band of contributors. To find out more about Vanilla, have a quick look at the introduction in the documentation and/or simply download it and give it a try!

This site shall serve
  • to coordinate the ongoing development of Vanilla,

  • to facilitate the sharing of extensions faithful users will hopefully continue to create and

  • to disseminate news somehow related to, er, all things Vanillean.
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