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 Wednesday, November 10 2004

New, newer, Vanilla 0.6.2! It's out, featuring the debut of the new weblogging tool "Du-jour deux", a revamped comments system, sticky snips and more! You want to read about all the glorious details? Have a look at the vanilla-0.6.2-release-notes. You wanna get a copy while it's hot? Go download it!

UPDATE: an annoying cookie bug was found in 0.6.2. the bug is fixed, the downloads are updated.

floritz, 5025 days ago:
Those annyoing cookies :-)
ZeRandal, 5023 days ago:
Gentlemen: I like the looks and wiki-ness of Vanilla. But I'm a non-techie, just barely know how to ftp something to my site. I really need a simpler installation process. I've edited a few php files before, but I don't think I can jump through all the hoops you've set up. I've been searching, searching for a nice but simple weblog/front page tool, and I think I'd like to go with Vanilla, but ...
unknown, a long time ago:
I can understand ZeRandal very good! The installation process was a big hurdle for me too. In my opinion it would be a good job to change the order of the installation steps.
Robert, 4662 days ago:
It's not that hard in my opinion, I just followed the install-unix, and it works fined. I even managed to port the Blix Theme from Wordpress to vanilla:
earl, 4662 days ago:
thanks robert! your site looks really good. unless you plan to use the item-based weblog thingie, i'd suggest removing the [include-if:vanilla-comments...] dyna call from the template - this will fix the problem of comment boxes showing up twice under weblog entries.
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